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About us

VibrOn is the largest online sex shop in Portugal. With a catalog of over 10 000 products available, VibrOn wants to offer everyone the opportunity to find what suits you best, according to your needs and desires.

Without taboos, and with the goal of democratizing the access to sexual toys and accessories, VibrOn idealizes that everyone can enjoy the pleasure that can (and should!) come from the sexual life of each one. Whether alone or together, sex is to be celebrated!


We idealize a freer world, a more empathetic society, emancipated collectives and individuals. Transcendence through the celebration of sexuality and sex.

VibrOn is built for you, for everyone, with no room for gender, ethnic and social discrimination. VibrOn is, from the moment it was created, the bridge between you and your emancipation.

VibrOn is your trustworthy sex shop, where you can find all the sexual toys and accessories that, above all, can make your sexuality and your sex, healthier and freer.


Sexual pleasure.

Freedom of choice.

Respect for diversity.

Democratization of access to sex toys and accessories.