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Male anal penetration: 3 positions for a powerful climax

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Understanding the anus area

The narrow and highly sensitive anus canal is an erogenous zone that arouses some of the greatest sensations of sexual pleasure.

However, it is important that there is no rush or rushing into initiating anal intercourse, as this will result in tension and, consequently, pain.

The couple, regardless of their sexual orientation (since this is not just a practice of a gay couple!), should share with each other their desires, expectations and fears, so that the first time can be as pleasurable as possible.

How to be prepared

The anal sphincter is a fairly powerful muscle (like all sphincters), and has a circular shape that performs voluntary and involuntary movements.

Like all muscles, if it is massaged it can become shaped and even enlarged.

Moreover, the preliminary caresses aimed at the excitation of the anal area and the dilatation and relaxation of the anus, should always be performed with extremely clean hands and cut fingernails, so that there are no scratches or perforations, avoiding, besides pain, possible infections.

Prostatic massage

One of the main reasons that make anal stimulation so pleasurable is because only through it is it possible to reach and massage the prostate. It is important to know: this point can only be reached by penetrating the anus.

Initially this discovery should be made by groping the front wall of the inside of the rectum, until the prostate gland is palpated. This gland has a firmer feel and a rougher texture than the rest of the tissues in the area.

Once you have found the prostate gland, you can begin to massage it quite gently.

Anal and prostate stimulation raises the libido to such an extent that many men immediately feel a strong desire to ejaculate.

The sexiest positions

In addition to all the eroticism brought about by the diversification of sexual positions between the couple, each sexual position can add new sensations of pleasure and increase ultimate satisfaction.

Here are some suggestions of sexual positions that can increase a man's sexual pleasure through anal penetration and prostate stimulation.

The mole

One lies on his side on the bed, leaning on his shoulder and hips, with his legs bent and together leaving his buttocks in view of his lover.

In this relaxed position, where the hips move in unison, the one behind can increase the arousal of the one in front by slapping his buttocks, kissing or licking his back, and running a hand over it to stimulate his chest and penis.

Savage furor

The one below forms an arch with his waist and raises his hips to give himself over to penetration. In response, the one penetrating takes control of the situation, directs the rhythm, intensifies or softens the yielding, raises the tone of provocation... soon the copulation acquires a frenetic rhythm.

This is a position that reminds us of the coitus of free animals in the wild, and that lovers adopt in moments of maximum excitement.

Shared rhythm

Both on their knees. The one in front sits on a surface, spreading his legs wide apart and leaning on it to facilitate direct contact.

The one behind encircles his body to stimulate the penis with his hand, grabbing it all over or rubbing it lightly with his fingers.

With the caresses offered by the one penetrating, the excitement grows, which allows the partner's anal canal to open as it relaxes.

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