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Brand of the Month: INTENSE with 15% Discount

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The INTENSE brand stands out in the world of sex toys as a true pioneer of pleasure. With a wide selection of erotic products, INTENSE takes fun and pleasure to a whole new level.

INTENSE is popular for its dedication to quality, design and functionality. Each of its products is created with the aim of responding to all the needs and expectations of the contemporary human being. With a user-centered approach, INTENSE develops sex toys that guarantee an experience of pure ecstasy.

Product Highlights

Intense Rechargeable Vibrator: This high-quality vibrator is designed for both internal and external exploration. With a variety of vibration settings and a smooth texture, this vibrator provides unparalleled pleasure. You can view this article here: View product

Intense Vibrating Ring: For couples looking for shared stimulation, the Intense vibrating ring is a spectacular option. This vibrating ring offers firmer erections and extra stimulation for both partners. You can see this article here: View product

Intense Clitoral Sucker: Take pleasure to new heights with the Intense clitoral sucker. Equipped with advanced suction technology, it is designed to provide intense and long-lasting orgasms. You can see this article here: View product

Why choose INTENSE

Constant Innovation: INTENSE is always at the forefront in terms of technology, developing truly innovative products that revolutionize the notion of a sex toy.

High quality: All products are made with body-safe materials and undergo rigorous quality tests.

Sophisticated design: INTENSE products combine functionality with elegance, resulting in sex toys that are not only effective, but also aesthetically appealing.

15% discount until the end of November: The best part? Until the end of November, all INTENSE brand products are 15% off. This is a unique opportunity to take your sex life to new heights of ecstasy.


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